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Reliable communications even in the most remote and challenging environments.

TinSky Connect’s unique mobility solution provides a fully-managed, simple and cost-effective way to deliver ubiquitous, high-throughput on demand communication connectivity while on-the-move (COTM) and on the pause (COTP) when and where you need it

Current land mobile services are expensive, low-throughput and unreliable. The result is limited connectivity, operational inefficiency, isolated personnel and restrained innovation.

TinSky Connect’s unique mobility solution is:

  • Robust with a design suitable for a wide range of land mobility environments.
  • Powered by the Intelsat Epic HTS fleet and wide beam global Ku-band network.
  • Always-on connectivity with multi-WAN satellite and cellular configuration.
  • Redundant and survivable solution for mission-critical, data-intensive applications.

Businesses, mining operations, military, broadcasting and emergency service organisations can now use these secure, reliable solutions for on-the-move communications.

TinSky powered by flexmove

A low-profile, global high-throughput satellite solution for communication-on-the-move

Our Satcom on the move is called SkyArc which is a vehicle mounted COTM platform delivering broadband connectivity.
  • Installed on a vehicle or mobile platform and designed to operate at high-speeds.
  • Ubiquitous, always-on connectivity services.
  • Up to 10x faster than Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) at a fraction of the cost.
  • Hybrid connectivity with integrated LTE capability.
  • Intelsat FlexMov qualified terminal.
The SkyArc/Kymeta u8 Ku-band terminal is a complete connectivity solution providing on-the-go communications when and where you need it. The u8 terminal is designed with Kymeta’s signature electronically steered, software-defined technology. This low profile, aerodynamic antenna mounts easily on vehicles to provide a seamless hybrid satellite/cellular connectivity. The capacity is sold in data bundles and is very well priced. The equipment can be subsidised into the monthly data price.

The Tconnect Terminal Meets The Demand Of Mission-Critical Operations


Mining operations require uninterrupted connectivity to seamlessly move through production stages, from early exploration to extraction. Because mines are often located in the farthest reaches of the Earth, it can be difficult to access robust network services that provide adequate connectivity. Intelsat’s reliable land mobile services and solutions give miners and mining companies the tools they need to view key data points in real time, track trucks and excavators, monitor the area for safety hazards, and communicate with their teams.

Drilling operations count on uninterrupted lines of communication between field operators and their headquarters to run smoothly and successfully. Intelsat’s land mobile connectivity solutions eliminate the fear of interrupted data analytics and lost productivity, providing users with the technology infrastructure needed to explore uncharted territory, monitor site security, manage extraction missions, and more, no matter how hostile or harsh the environment.

Intelsat FlexMove is the fully managed connectivity solution that increases the reach, reliability, and redundancy of terrestrial networks while enabling a new generation of land mobility services for a range of different industries.

Up to 10x Faster Than Mobile Satellite Services At A Fraction Of the Cost

The platform is much more durable and efficient vs traditional one button deploy antenna.

The Tconnect terminal uses an advanced, high-gain flat array antenna system. With automatic pointing and easy-to-deploy set-up, end-users can quickly acquire connection with the Intelsat FlexMove network in just minutes and is designed for temporary use in fixed locations.

This Tconnect terminal meets the demand of mission-critical operations on-the-go by making satellite communications simple and easy. A wide range of applications are seamlessly enabled through the FlexMove fully provisioned managed services.

Traditional Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) solutions come with a high price tag and don’t have the features or bandwidth necessary to power the data-intensive applications that end-users are increasingly demanding. FlexMove offers data rates 20 times faster than satellite operators with an independent third-party Service Organisation Control 3 (SOC 3) cybersecurity accreditation; end users can also rest assured that Intelsat’s space and ground network is secure.

TinSky Mobility service packages offer pre-set data rates sold by the gigabyte (GB) and can be used on qualified terminals. FlexMove’s easy-to-use service portal enables our Mobility solution partners to provision, configure and quickly monitor network access in real-time through an online interface or integrated APIs.

FlexMove-qualified terminals are manufactured and supplied by Kymeta, for COTM applications, and by Satcube and Starwin, for COTP applications.


Mining Operations Require Uninterrupted Connectivity To Seamlessly Move Through Production Stages

TinSky Mobility Flexmove


High-throughput satellite (HTS) for Land Mobility

  • Ubiquitous, always-on connectivity
  • Global coverage under one service region
  • End-terminal service sold by the GB (gigabyte)
  1. Communications-on-the-Move (COTM)
    Data rates up to 5 x 2 MBPS
  2. Communications-on-the-Pause (COTP)
    Data rates up to 10 x 3 MBPS
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